Strawberry Saison

Beer Styles That Inspire Us - Saison

One of my favourite beer styles that really got me to appreciate the wide range of beer styles there are, is a classic Belgian beer known as Saison.

First brewed in the Wallonia region of Belgium (the southern French speaking part of the country) as a low ABV Pale ale, to refresh the farm workers after a hard days toil in the summer months.

Originally brewed in the winter months before refrigeration and stored until the summer, this style is now brewed all year round. One of the best examples of beer is the Brassierie Dupont Saison, this has set the benchmark for other brewers around the world to match. In the Uk alone, there has been an explosion in breweries taking their unique approach to brewing this year, with an ever growing appreciative audience enjoying the beer style. Key characteristics to look for when trying a saison, is a natural haze as the beer is unfiltered, with a slight fruitiness and a long dry finish. Served at the right temperature, the ideal beer to refresh you after a hard day of work or leisure.

It’s all of this that inspired us to create our own Saison with a fruity twist; Our Strawberry Saison will give you all of the elements of the classic style with a natural strawberry flavour coming from the 300kg of strawberries we add to it.

Contributed by Tom South

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